Scala Support for NetBeans Screenshot#1: Syntax Highlighting and Scala Project

Scala editor module has been integrated with existing Scala Project module. The xml syntax is almost supported. There are still a little bit complex syntax not be supported yet.

I hope a downloadable Scala modules package can be ready in one week, so you can get it from the NetBeans update center.

BTW, new version of ErlyBird is not ready yet, I'm waiting for fixing of some issues in NetBeans' Generic Languages Framework module.

Screen snapshot: (Click to enlarge)



1. Michael Nischt -- 2007-12-13 08:00

cool, I probably would be satisfied with half of the features you are implementing.. so this is going to rock the IDE!

2. Eelco Hillenius -- 2007-12-20 08:00

Nice. Good reason to give Netbeans another try.