Scala Plugin for NetBeans: Scala 2.8 Snapshot

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Don't forget to download a fresh Scala 2.8.0-snapshot from (you may want to track the progress of 2.8.0 once a week etc), and set SCALA_HOME, PATH environment to point to the installation of it.


During the weekend, I built a fresh Scala 2.8.0 snapshot. With  ticket #2163 fixed in 18 hours (great job, Scala team), I got a Scala plugin for NetBeans that works under Scala 2.8.0. I then re-built whole Erlang plugin (which is written in Scala), by fixing some minor incompatible issues, it works too.

So, at least, Scala 2.8 seems stable enough for writing a NetBeans plugin now.

Here's a snapshot showing some new features of 2.8.0


If you are eager to have some taste of Scala 2.8.0 with NetBeans plugin, and is patient to keep another NetBeans nightly version on your machine, then, wait for one more day from now for NetBeans hudson to build whole things, download the lasted NetBeans nightly version, and install "Scala Kit" module via "Update Center".

Don't forget to download a fresh Scala 2.8.0-snapshot (you may want to track the progress of 2.8.0) from, and maintain your SCALA_HOME, and PATH environment for different Scala versions

BTW, if I have time, I'll begin to rewrite this plugin in Scala, on 2.8.0

  • Posted: 2009-07-19 09:00 (Updated: 2009-12-30 03:43)
  • Author: dcaoyuan
  • Categories: NetBeans


1. esser -- 2009-07-19 09:00

Well, I have an issue. Try something like

class Hello

object World

in your code. I get an error in the editor:

"illegal inheritance, self-type Hello does not conform to scala. ..."

Same with object World. The program runs correct!


2. Caoyuan -- 2009-07-20 09:00

@Esser, you need download a Scala 2.8.0 snapshot too, and set SCALA_HOME and PATH point to your Scala 2.8.0-snapshot installation.

3. Jonathan Graehl -- 2009-07-20 09:00

Currently, it's necessary to set a method breakpoint for appname$.main (*not* appname.main) in order to see source line numbers. See this ticket:

It would be nice if the plugin could do this by default.

4. Landei -- 2009-07-20 09:00

What I really miss in the 2.7 version of the plugin is the possibility to run objects with a main method using the context menu (without setting it up in the config). Is this supported in the 2.8 plugin?

5. Caoyuan -- 2009-07-20 09:00

@Landei, right click on object source file node on opened project source tree, choose "Run". This already be supported in 2.7.x version.

6. Aaron -- 2009-07-21 09:00

I am using NetBeans 6.7 on a Windows Vista machine. The Scala plugin code completion fails when the available options have been filtered. E.g. assume I have: val myList: List[Int] = List(1,2,3)

and then type


and now type control space, and select "head" from the drop down menu, the selection is deleted and I'm left with


If I don't filter, i.e. I type myList. and control space and select head from the full list, it works fine

7. ragnar -- 2009-07-22 09:00

Could you please stop releasing unusable plugins?

8. Caoyuan -- 2009-07-22 09:00


nightly built NetBeans + nightly built Scala 2.8 + nightly built Scala plugin = Adventure.

BTW, I'm using this whole nightly built things to rewrite this plugin.

9. HRJ -- 2009-07-25 09:00

Great to see your progress with the plugin!

In the screen shot why does "cond" and "x" appear in the navigator?

Looks like the default parameters are leaking into the enclosing namespace.