Scala Plugin for NetBeans - Rewrite in Scala #8: Partly Visible to Java and Go to Type

>>> Updated on Sep 8:

Now in most cases, Scala is visible to Java, including generic type. Mixed Java/Scala project should be well supported.


I need "Go To Type" working, and Scala's symbols should be visible to Java sources. For NetBeans, that means I should implement a Scala to Java VirtualSourceProvider?, which will translate Scala source to Java stub.

I tried it before, but not so successful, so I disabled it. Finally, I got how it works today, and committed work in part. That is, now, in Scala/Java mixed project, not only Java is visible to Scala source, and also, partly, Scala is visible to Java too.

Another benefit is, when you press "Ctrl + O" or "Command + O", a navigator window will bring you to Type's source file that you are searching.

I'll go on to get Scala -> Java mapping fully works soon.

>>> Updated on Sep 8:

The following issue was fixed in trunk.


Warning: If you have not got a NetBeans nightly built before, do not try it until a recent (after Sep 3rd) serious fault fixed.


  • Posted: 2009-09-04 09:00 (Updated: 2009-12-30 03:06)
  • Author: dcaoyuan
  • Categories: NetBeans


1. Andrew -- 2009-09-04 09:00

Ugh... Caoyuan, which NB serious bug do you mean (more strictly - how to determine this NB issue is resolved)? I have upgraded NB after 3d of September :-(

Great! Ctrl-O is useful for Scala especially as far as there isn't any relation between classes and file names (well, but 'ant' sometimes doesn't like this freedom very much).

2. Caoyuan -- 2009-09-05 09:00


If you did not encountered this issue, just keep you current nightly built.

I'll notice here when it's resolved.

3. Stefan -- 2009-09-06 09:00

Hi Caoyuan,

thanks for your great work on a Scala plugin for NetBeans!

I tried the rename facility and found that overriden methods are not considered. In other words, if a method in a base class is renamed then methods in sub classes that override the method should also be renamed.


4. Caoyuan -- 2009-09-07 09:00

@Stefan, I'll try to fix it soon.