Scala Plugin for NetBeans - Available for NetBeans 6.8beta and Scala 2.8.0 Snapshot

I packed another release of Scala plugin for NetBeans 6.8 beta, for more information, please see:

This version allows adding "deprecation", "unchecked" parameters for scalac, and fixed unicode id issue. It works on Scala-2.8.0 snapshot only.


All projects created via "File" -> "New Project" before this version should add or change following lines in "nbproject/":

  • Posted: 2009-10-24 09:00 (Updated: 2009-12-30 03:58)
  • Author: dcaoyuan
  • Categories: NetBeans


1. milos kleint -- 2009-10-24 09:00

Congratulations! You've done an outstanding job in the 6.8 version. Thanks.

2. Caoyuan -- 2009-10-26 09:00

@milos, thanks and your work.

3. Sumo -- 2009-10-31 09:00


Your work on this has been brilliant. I used the 6.7 plugin extensively to develop an application. The 6.7 version did the job and this version is a huge step forward. I am looking forward to the release version.

FYI, It also seems to work well with maven using scala 2.7.7 though Netbeans sometimes doesn't pick up the fact that classes have been moved or renamed in referenced maven modules.

Thanks for the hard work!

4. shoru -- 2009-11-01 08:00

i've got something wrong with my netbeans with scala plugin. i can't see anything in navigator window when any scala source code got the foucus.i'm using netbeans 6.7.1 on windows XP,i installed the scala plugin in the tools->plugins menu. i like scala very much, but there's no better ide. i search the web but got nothing.thank you for help.

5. mathue -- 2010-03-16 00:14

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