Install Scala Plugin for NetBeans 6.5 RC2

>>> Updated Nov 8
Content of this blog is out of date, please look at New Scala Plugin for NetBeans 6.5 RC2 Is Packed

NetBeans 6.5 RC2 released. The Scala plugin on NetBeans' Plugins Portal is not compilable with RC2. To get Scala plugin working with RC2, do:

# Open NetBeans 6.5 RC2, go to "Tools" -> "Plugins", check "Setting" -> "Add", add new update center as "Last Development Build" with url:

# Then in the "Available Plugins" tab, you can find the "Scala" category (or, you can click on "Name" in "Available Plugins" tab to find them. You may need to click "Reload Catalog" to get the latest available modules), check "Scala Kit" and click "Install", following the instructions. Restart IDE.

I'll re-pack a new version of Scala plugin for Plugins Portal when NetBeans 6.5 is officially released.


1. -- 2008-11-05 08:00

Thanks, your instructions worked wonderfully.

(My only problem is that I cannot get Shift-F6 to work: I get an error saying that the class doesn't have a main method, which it clearly has.)

2. Someone -- 2008-11-06 08:00

Cool, but what about erlybird? Is it dead?

3. -- 2008-11-06 08:00

To set/run project's Main class, please see:

Someone: ErlyBird is still alive, it needs to be rewritten, I'm still thinking the best approach.