Posts for the month of March 2009

AIOTrade Applet Demo Fixed Timezone Issue

I fixed AIOTrade timezone issue. And, the applet demo on does not need to be a signed applet any more.

For recent experience, I'm re-considering the RIA platform choice. May applet be saved in the near future? or Flash, Javascript win? First, Java applet needs a whole new look and feel theme, which make it fitting into the web page, second, how can a Java applet access DOM tree easily?


When Flash/Flex tries to take the place of Java applet, it will become another Java itself.

New Face of with AIOTrade Applet Demo

I've done some preliminary re-design on, put the AIOTrade applet on home page, it requires browser with Java plugin above JRE 1.5, the size is about 288k. You can input the symbol to get real-time quote charting. Symbol is same as Yahoo! finance. The quote data is also from Yahoo! finance.

There are still some bugs on it. I'll continue to improve it.

Here's the snapshot of whole home page after you input a symbol. You can remove the chart by press "Remove Quotes" button.


AIOTrade - It's not Flash or A Picture It's A Java Applet on Web Page

For RIA framework, there are choices of Flex/Flash, Applet/JavaFX etc. I saw a lot of real-time financial charts were written in Flex/Flash, all over the world wide web. Then, how about a Java applet financial charting after Java 6u10? I'd like a try, and here is the result:

  • The whole size of a most featured AIOTrade is less than 300k
  • On my Macbook, with Java 6u12 installed, the init time is about 1 sec.
  • By properly arranging Swing layout, the applet can auto-scale to proper size fit in html page just like any element.

Below is a snapshot: