Posts for the month of September 2008

Things To Do in Coming Months

As the beta of Scala for NetBeans released, I found I have several things to do in the coming months.

First, I'll keep the Scala plugins going on, I'll try to re-implement the Project supporting, which, may be an extension of current NetBeans' plain Java Project, that is, you just create plain JSE or JEE project, then add Scala source files to this project, you may mix Java/Scala in one project. Another perception is, it's time to re-write whole things in Scala itself? I have a featured Scala IDE now, or, the chicken, I should make eggs via this chicken instead of duck.

Second, we get some contracts on mobile application for Banking, which, will be implemented via our current Atom/Atom Publish Protocol web service platform. The platform is written in Erlang, but, with more and more business logical requirements, maybe we should consider some Scala things?

Third, oh, it's about AIOTrade, I'v left it at corner for almost one and half year, I said it would be re-written in Scala someday, I really hope I have time. I got some requests to support drawing charts for web application, it actually can, if you understand the source code, I just wrote an example recently, I may post an article on how to do that.