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Erlang Plugin for NetBeans - 0.17.0 Released

I'm pleased to announce Erlang plugin for NetBeans (ErlyBird) 0.17.0 is released.

This is a bug-fix release, and from now on, will be in form of NetBeans plugin.

NetBeans 6.5 is a requirement.

To download, please go to:

To install:

  1. Open NetBeans, go to "Tools" -> "Plugins", click on "Downloaded" tab title, click on "Add Plugins..." button, choose the directory where the Erlang plugin are unzipped, select all listed *.nbm files, following the instructions. Restart IDE.
  2. Check/set your OTP path. From [Tools]->[Options], click on 'Miscellanous', then expand 'Erlang Installation', fill in the full path of your 'erl.exe' or 'erl' file. For instance: "C:/erl/bin/erl.exe"

When you open/create an Erlang project first time, the OTP libs will be indexed. The indexing time varies from 30 to 60 minutes depending on your computer.

Feedback and bug reports are welcome.

NetBeans on OpenSolaris 08.11 in VirtualBox in Mac OS

My Macbook is ân old one with Mac OS X 10.4, I have no way to get Java 6. I´ve tracked OpenSolaris? for a long time, with OpenSolaris? 08.11 is going to be released, I think I should have a try to see if I can do my daily work on OpenSolaris? rather than Mac OS on my MacBook?.

I then installed VirtualBox? on my MacOS, then a guest OpenSolaris? with 1024M memory and 16G disk. I downloaded and installed Java JDK 6 and NetBeans 6.5, plus my Scala plugins.

It rocks seamlessly. The only problem is, should I re-format my harddisk and install OpenSolaris? instead of Mac OS now?

There are a lot of guesses on Sun´s future these days, but, with all those innovations from Sun or taken by Sun, Why cloud-computing? Should still be sunshine-computing.

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Scala Plugin for Coming NetBeans 6.5 Official Release

I'm pleased to announce the availability of Scala plugin for coming NetBeans 6.5 official release.

  • Much better code-completion
  • Two new color themes: Twilight and Emacs Standard
  • Various bugs fixes
  • It's not perfect, but fairly stable
  • Works good with NetBeans Maven plugin

To download, please go to:

For more information, please see

Bug reports are welcome.

It works also on NetBeans RC2. If you have previous version of Scala plugin installed, you can upgrade to this version.

Scala for NetBeans Screenshot#15: Twilight Color Theme

>>> Updated Nov 11:

Emacs Standard color theme already be there.


I'm beginning to write some real thing based on Liftweb. The more code I wrote, the more bugs of Scala plugin were fixed.

Not only bugs are being fixed, I also created a Twilight color theme for this plugin. And an Emacs color theme is also on the road.

When NetBeans 6.5 is official released, I'll put a new Scala plugin too.

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New Scala Plugin for NetBeans 6.5 RC2 Is Packed

I packed a new Scala plugin, and tried several times to upload it to NetBeans' Plugins Portal and could not get job successfully done. So I uploaded it to instead. The zip file is located at: [

NetBeans' trunk has been targeting 7.0 now, the plugin on Last Development Build update center is no longer compatible with 6.5 RC2. That is, you should ignore my previous blog talked about installing plugin on 6.5 RC2, if you are using 6.5 RC2, you should download and install this one.

Nightly built version users can get latest plugin via NetBeans' plugin management feature as normal.

For more information, please visit

This version fixed various bugs, and with some enhancements. The bundling Scala runtime is 2.7.2RC6, with NetBeans' maven plugin, it works on newest  Liftweb project.

Bug reports are always welcome.

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