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Erlang Editor for NetBeans - ErlyBird 0.10.1 released

Update - Mar 29,2007: If you got exception: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException when try completion, please check the version number of your "Generic Languages Framework" module (Tools -> Module Manager -> Language Support), if the version number is less than 1.70, you can go to to download and update to the newly built org-netbeans-modules-languages.nbm

I'm pleased to announce ErlyBird 0.10.1, an Erlang Editor Module for NetBeans has been released.

Current features:

  • Syntax checking;
  • Syntax highlighting;
  • Functions navigator;
  • Code-folding;
  • Indentation;
  • Built-in function completion.

You can download ErlyBird from

ErlyBird needs NetBeans IDE 6.0 M7+, which can be downloaded via: page
select Q-Build in 'Build Type'.

After NetBeans IDE installed, go to Tools->Update Center, fetch the "Generic Language Framework" module from Category "Languages Support"

To install ErlyBird module, unzip the binary package first, then:

  1. From menu: Tools -> Update Center
  2. In the "Select Location of Modules" pane, click "Install Manually Downloaded Modules(.nbm Files)", then "Next"
  3. Click [Add...] button, go to the path to select the unzip .nbm file.
  4. Following the instructions to install updated modules.
  5. Restart NetBeans.

It may not be stable yet, feedback and bug reports are welcome.

Erlang Editor Support Based on NetBeans' Generic Language Framework

I did some work to get Erlang editor supported on NetBeans. As the Schliemann project (Generic Language Framework) is still under developing, I just got simple syntax coloring, indentation, code folding etc. working. I'll contribute it to NetBeans Community when it's stable enough. Here is a snapshot:

Click on the picture to enlarge it


Some Tips for Upgrading to Rails 1.2.x

Bellow are some issues that I met when upgraded from rails 1.1.6 to 1.2.x:

1.About enrivonment.rb
Make sure your application configuration behind: do |config|

I met this issue when I put following code:

require 'environments/localization_environment'
require 'localization'
require 'environments/user_environment'

before that closure, which works under 1.1.6, but don't under 1.2.x

2.About ActionMailer::Base.server_settings
If you get errors like:

uninitialized constant ActiveSupport::Deprecation::RAILS_DEFAULT_LOGGER (NameError)

try to change your ActionMailer::Base.server_settings to ActionMailer::Base.smtp_settings

3.Put all "include" statements inside class definitions
You must put include statements inside class/module definitions instead of outside a class/module definition in Rails 1.2.x. Otherwise, you'll get:

Error calling Dispatcher.dispatch #<NameError: cannot remove Object::COPYRIGHT>