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Prediction 4 Months Ago and Actual Trends Today, by Neural Network

Today, Shanghai Security Index ( 000001.SS) touched 2100, and, from my previous neural network research on 0000001.SS, about 4 months passed. In that blog, I placed a prediction picture, and now, here it's a verification picture of the actual price trends comparing to the prediction:

The Blue line is the prediction calculated by Neural Network. The Red/Green line is the actual price trends.

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Solution for Bug: wrong date shown

There is a bug affects those who's time zone is not UTC:

For each stock, AIOTrade shows the data of the day after. For example, the data of Friday November the 24th is shown in the application at Friday November the 23th.

This bug will be fixed in next release, by far, you can try to add a a property in aiotrade's config file, which is located at:

change the line:

default_options="-J-Xms24m -J-Xmx128m --fontsize 11"


default_options="-J-Xms24m -J-Xmx128m --fontsize 11 -J-Duser.timezone=UTC"

Sorry about the inconvenience.

AIOTrade 1.0.3 Released

I'm pleased to announce the 1.0.3 release of AIOTrade. You may download it via

The new features had been listed in my previous blog

Thanks for all the suggestions, bugs reports and feature requests. Thanks for msayag's bugs hunt.

Bug reports, especially for the experimental IB-TWS data feed are welcome.

What's new in coming AIOTrade release

After one and half month developing, the next release of AIOTrade is on the road. Here is the new features and improvements in the coming release:

  • Charting performance was improved a lot.
  • Added an integrated scrolling, zooming controller. Zoom out/in by dragging the thumb side to any scope you want.
  • Added an icon beside the symbol, indicating the data source, such as from Yahoo!/CSV etc.
  • When you switch to different frequency charting , only the indicators and drawings with the same frequency displayed under the symbol node.
  • The symbols under watching will have its real-time charts displayed on a scrolling window. Double click on its title will pop up a standalone window.
  • Some times, too many indicators are displayed in chart view, you can double-click on indicator's title to pop up a standalone indicator window for detailed analysis. There will be a scrolling controller attached in this window, and shares the same cursor with the main chart view.
  • An experimental IB-TWS data feed interface. As I can only test it on demo environment, this feature is just to be released for wide range testing, I'm even not sure if it really works:-), so please feed me back all the issues, I'll fix them and release an official version as soon as possible.
  • Save chart to custom time frame image, even bigger than your screen.

And another important question: Where are the AI features? Sorry, as I have no much time, although I'll keep my own research, the open-source AI features will be pended. Until ... I don't know.

The scheduled release date is around Nov 19.

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A big chart of DJI from Jan 2000 till now: big dji

new features