Posts for the month of October 2006

Way To Going

Recently I got some messages that worried about the way to go for AIOTrade project, as eneratom posted in forum. Good question, as I am also thinking about it.

Although the initial motivation for this project is building a platform for myself research on AI on trading, I finally find I've gone a bit far from it, it's now a platform with potential to be All In On trading platform.

I were busy on my own affairs in the passed months, such as moving, looking for job (maintaining an open-source project is a bit hard) etc. When I come back to this project these days, I find I'm still with passion on it. So the svn trunk is being filled with a lot of new committed works which will bring the architecture to a much more beauty and clean: such as a more powerful custom scrollbar to control scrolling/zooming all in one with auto-hide ability, a XOR mouse cursor with better performance etc.

The answer for me now is clear: it will be an All In One Trading platform with AI features.

Let me try to give a road map for the near future:

  • The next release will be with a lot of fine tuning on performance and a neural network module.
  • The next next release will support mins data loading and more data feeds
  • The next, will implement back-testing features.
  • Then, an interface for placing orders to brokers
  • ...

For the contributions, I'm very appreciate for the suggestions, but as I mentioned before, there will not be more developers until the APIs are stable enough, and all the license issues have been considered carefully.

The patches and bug reports are always welcome though.