Posts for the month of December 2005

Humai Trader as a Pluggable Trading Platform

I’ve activated the plug-in feature of Humai Trader, that means Humai Trader can be a pluggable platform now, you may easy extend its features via plug-in modules.

For example, you write an indicator or one kind of chart as a plug-in module, then distribute it to John or someone else, then John just plugs it in Humai Trader platform following a very simple step, and can use it at once.

Thanks for the pluggable architecture of NetBeans Platform.

Script Language for Humai Trader?

I’m considering the script language for Humai Trader, which will be used to define custom indicators, buy-sell signals etc. I took a look at the script world in Java now. There are some choices newer than several years ago, such as, groovy, beanshell etc.

There is an interesting article:  Choosing a Java scripting language: Round two in javaworld comparing these script languages, which is almost the same point as my view:

Here’s what he says:

Jython is one of the fastest scripting interpreters. From looking at the Website, it seems that Jython development is about to renew, which is good news. There are several good books on Jython. If you like the Python language, Jython is a solid choice.

BeanShell is not as fast as the quickest of the interpreters, but the 2.0 release supports loading of ordinary Java source, which is a strong selling point. I tried loading and running several Java source programs as scripts and found BeanShell to work fine, which is impressive. The libraries are well-organized and make integration simple. If performance is not the single most important criteria for your scripting interpreter and you want to write Java scripts, look at BeanShell.

Rhino is the winner of the performance benchmarking test and also supports Java-like syntax in its scripting. There are plenty of books on JavaScript available. Rhino appears to be well supported, and the distribution includes a useful debugger.

JRuby brings the feature set of Ruby to the table. It isn’t the fastest of the interpreters, but if Ruby syntax and functionality is important to you, take a look at this interpreter. I ran version 0.8, which seemed to work just fine for my simple tests.

Groovy has attracted quite a bit of attention and development effort in the Java community. It is one of the fastest interpreters on the benchmarking tests, even without compiling the scripts down to classfiles. The syntax is Java-like and supports some powerful features that Java doesn’t. This is an interesting addition to the programmer’s toolkit that has a lot of potential.

So, the choice may be JavaScipt, the major reasons are:

  • JavaScipt (JSR 223) will be integrated in Mustang (the next version of JDK)
  • JavaScipt is the winner of the performance benchmarking test
  • JavaScipt is one of the mostly used language in web world, it’s a familiar for many users
  • There are plenty of books on JavaScript available
  • The footprint

The only issue is: Is there a lightweight javascipts editor module available for NetBeans Platform?

Screenshot on Linux

Today I got a screenshot of Humai Trader on Linux. But, as you seeing, there is a warning window popping up to say the Exception, which I mentioned in previous post. It was a bug related to some countries Locale Setting, I have fixed it in my source tree.


But, if you can not wait, try this:

  • open and edit the config file /humaitrader/etc/humaitrader.conf
  • go to the line
    default_options=-J-Xms24m -J-Xmx64m -J-Dnetbeans.logger.console=true -J-ea
  • change to:
    default_options="-J-Xms24m -J-Xmx64m -J-Dnetbeans.logger.console=true -J-ea -J-Duser.language=en"

It should work now

Astrology Module for Humai Trader

The astrology module for Humai Trader works perfectly now.

The upper circle is Heliocentric view, the lower circle is Geocentric view: