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Progress of Migrating AIOTrade to Scala #2

My next step is to push AIOTrade to another level of UE, with hotkey for symbols, indicators etc, with better UI.

So far, my Scala adventure went almost smoothly, I'm thinking about the data exchange between client and data source, maybe the actors from  Scala,  LiftWeb or  AKKA will bring some fresh atmosphere.



Progress of Migrating AIOTrade to Scala

Well, I've done most parts of migrating AIOTrade to Scala, not all features return yet. I gain lots of experiences of inter-op between Scala and Java, since AIOTrade has to be integrated into an existed Java framework  NetBeans Platform. And also, whole project is now managed by Maven instead of Ant, which reduces lots of pain of dependencies upon crossing sub-projects.

This project is now hosted on, you can check out the code to get an overview of how to integrated Maven + Scala + NetBeans Modules. Of course, all were done with NetBeans Scala plugin.

LOC of this project so far:

$ ./ --read-lang-def=lang_defs.txt ~/myprjs/
     677 text files.
     617 unique files.                                          
     154 files ignored. v 1.08  T=3.0 s (167.7 files/s, 21373.7 lines/s)
Language          files     blank   comment      code    scale   3rd gen. equiv
Scala               353      7981     16301     27180 x   1.36 =       36964.80
Java                 43      1148       833      6946 x   1.36 =        9446.56
XML                 104       231       389      2414 x   1.90 =        4586.60
Bourne Shell          2        81        81       488 x   3.81 =        1859.28
HTML                  1         7        15        26 x   1.90 =          49.40
SUM:                503      9448     17619     37054 x   1.43 =       52906.64

A screen snapshot:


Jetty + FastCGI Servlet + Trac =

I ported  jfastcgi to Scala and fixed some bugs. Now my web site is configured running under Jetty with the modified fastcgi servlet as gateway to a Trac fastcgi daemon.

I encountered an issue (fixed later) with Trac fcgi daemon though, which may cause the daemon died silently, but the fastcgi servlet will restart it automatically when this happens.

All source code can be found via Browse Source

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