Posts for the month of June 2009

Rats! Plugin for NetBeans#1: Syntax Highlighting

I've used  Rats! parser generator heavily on Scala/Erlang plugin for NetBeans, but not write a plugin for Rats! itself.

So I spent my weekend days on a simple Rats! editor module, which implemented syntax highlighting. It's built on Scala.

Here's the snapshot:


It will be available in couple of days.

Erlang Plugin Version 1 for NetBeans 6.7 Released

I'm pleased to announce Erlang plugin (ErlyBird) version 1 for NetBeans 6.7 is released.

NetBeans 6.7 RC3 or above is a requirement.

What's new:

  • It's rewritten in Scala instead of Java
  • More reliable instant rename
  • Display extracted document information from source comment when doing auto-completion

To download, please go to:

To install:

  • Open NetBeans, go to "Tools" -> "Plugins", click on "Downloaded" tab title, click on "Add Plugins..." button, choose the directory where the Erlang plugin are unzipped, select all listed *.nbm files, following the instructions.
  • Make sure your Erlang bin path is under OS environment PATH, you can also check/set your OTP path: From [Tools]->[Erlang Platform], fill in the full path of your 'erl.exe' or 'erl' file in "Interpreter", for instance: "C:/erl/bin/erl.exe". Or open the "Brows" dialog to locate the erlang installation.

<li>When you open/create an Erlang project first time, the OTP libs will be indexed. Take a coffee and wait, the indexing time varies from 10 to 30 minutes depending on your computer.

Feedback and bug reports are welcome.

Scala Plugin Version 1 for NetBeans 6.7 Released

>>> Updated on July 1, 2009

There are couple of reports on "Could not connect to compilation daemon.", mostly under Windows OS. It's a known issue, to resolve it, please check the following:

  • SCALA_HOME is set to a fresh installed Scala runtime
  • PATH includes $SCALA_HOME/bin
  • If the build task still complain, try to run "fsc" or "scala" in a command window first


I'm pleased to announce the availability of Scala plugin version 1 for NetBeans 6.7

What's new:

  • Use fsc instead of scalac as the project building compiler (If you've set SCALA_HOME, make sure $SCALA_HOME/bin is included in your PATH environment).
  • Fixed setting breakpoint in closure statement.
  • A basic import-fixer (Right click on source, then choose "Fix Imports").
  • Code assistant for local vars and functions.
  • Run/Debug single file.

To download, please go to:

For more information, please see

Bug reports are welcome.

It works on NetBeans 6.7 RC1 or above.