Posts for the month of May 2009

AIOTrade, Scala for NetBeans, NLP

For past years, I worked on AIOTrade project, which uses Machine Learning technology to find the structural data pattern.

Then, to find a better programming language for AIOTrade, I tried Erlang, Scala, and wrote IDEs for these candidate languages, I learnt a lot of Formal Language Processing.

Now, finally, I dove into Natural Language Processing, and have a good chance to composite the knowledge of Statistics Learning, Rule based Language Processing on massive structural/un-structural data under parallel computing environment.

The candidate programming language is Scala, I keep to improve the NetBeans support for Scala these days while reading the books/code of NLP. During the long weekend, I've got some improvements on it, here is a summary:

  • Migrated to NetBeans' CSL
  • Use fsc instead of scalac as the project building compiler
  • Fixed setting breakpoint in closure statement
  • A basic import-fixer
  • Code assistant for local vars and functions
  • Run/Debug single file

The plugins can be got for beta testing on NetBeans Developing Update Center (for NetBeans 6.7 beta+), and will be released around the date of official NetBeans 6.7.