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Scala Plugin for NetBeans - Available for NetBeans 6.8beta and Scala 2.8.0 Snapshot

I packed another release of Scala plugin for NetBeans 6.8 beta, for more information, please see:

This version allows adding "deprecation", "unchecked" parameters for scalac, and fixed unicode id issue. It works on Scala-2.8.0 snapshot only.


All projects created via "File" -> "New Project" before this version should add or change following lines in "nbproject/":


Scala Plugin for NetBeans - Available for NetBeans 6.8m2 and Scala 2.8.0 Snapshot

As NetBeans 6.8 m2 released, I packed a downloadable binary which works with Scala 2.8.0.r18993 or above.

Please do not install Scala plugin via Update Center for NetBeans 6.8 m2, it's not compatible. Use the link below to download and install

New & Noteworthy

  • Much more responsive when typing and for code-completion
  • More refactoring: find usages, rename across opened projects
  • Breakpoint works everywhere (almost)
  • Better supporting for mixed Java/Scala project in both direction (Java is visible in Scala and vice versa)
  • Better integration with NetBeans maven plugin
  • Better code completion even for implicit methods (in most cases)
  • Better indentation and formatter for unfinished line after 'if', 'else', '=', 'for', 'while', 'do' etc
  • Better syntax highlighting for val/var, lazy val, implicit call, byname param, abstract method etc
  • Mark of implemented/overridden methods, click on mark will jump to super definition
  • Go to type ("Ctrl+O")
  • Select parts of code, press '{', '[', '(', '"', '`' will add/replace surrounding pair, press '~' will remove them. Specially, press '/' will block-comment it
  • Reset Scala interactive parser when necessary, for instance: dependent libs changed (Right click on source, choose "Reset Scala Parser" in pop-up menu)
  • Output highlighted code to html ([File] -> [Print to HTML...])
  • Some basic hints, for instance: fixing import, unused imports
  • Code template now works, check or add your own via [Options/Preferences] -> [Editor] -> [Code Templates] -> [Scala]

Install with NetBeans 6.8 M2

  1. Download and install the latest Scala-2.8.0 snapshot runtime via Scala's home
  2. Set $SCALA_HOME environment variable to point to the installed Scala runtime path. Add $SCALA_HOME/bin to PATH environment variable. Note for Mac OS user, $SCALA_HOME environment variable may not be visible for Applications/NetBeans, see
  3. Get the NetBeans 6.8 M2 from:
  4. Get the Scala plugins binary from:
  5. Unzip Scala plugin binary to somewhere
  6. Open NetBeans, go to "Tools" -> "Plugins", click on "Downloaded" tab title, click on "Add Plugins..." button, choose the directory where the Scala plugins are unzipped, select all listed *.nbm files, following the instructions.


  • If you encounter "... Could not connect to compilation daemon.", try to run "fsc -reset" under a command/terminal window.
  • Editor $NetBeansInstallationPath?/etc/netbeans.conf, remove "-ea" to avoid AssertionError? popped up for more information