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Scala for Netbeans Beta Is Ready, Working with NetBeans 6.5 Beta

>>> Updated Aug 15:

For Windows Vista users: There is a known bug  #135547 that may have been fixed in trunk but not for NetBeans 6.5 Beta, which causes exception of "NullPointerException at org.openide.filesystems.FileUtil.normalizeFileOnWindows" when create Scala project. If you are Vista user and like to have a try on Scala plugins, you may need to download a recent nightly build version of NetBeans. Since I have none Vista environment, I'm not sure about above message.


I'm pleased to announce that the first beta of Scala for NetBeans is released, followed NetBeans 6.5 beta releasing. The availability and installation instructions can be found at


  • Full featured Scala editor
    • syntax and semantic coloring
    • outline navigator
    • code folding
    • mark occurrences
    • go to declaration
    • instant rename
    • indentation
    • formatting
    • pair matching
    • error annotations
    • code completion
  • Project management (build/run/debug project)
  • Debugger
  • Interactive console
  • JUnit integration
  • Maven integration (works with [ Lift Web Framework)

There are some  known issues. Bug reports are welcome.

Installation on NetBeans 6.5 beta:

button, choose the directory where the Scala plugins are unzipped, select all listed *.nbm files, following the instructions. Restart IDE.